Private Lessons


Does your game suffer from resigned swing thoughts and poor confidence? Personalized coaching from Prairie Landing’s PGA Pro Instructor Brian King will help build your game to perfection, focusing on what you would personally like to improve on and building positive determination along the way. King’s private lessons scrap the pre-designed plans to cut to the chase. Not everyone can swing the same way or has the same physical attributes, and so not everyone has the same goals. Focus on your personal goals with Brian King. King will help you meet those goals and then exceed them.For information about coaching, call Brian King at 630-202-4653 or email [email protected].

When and Where?

Due to seasonal conditions, Prairie Landing coaching programs vary in locations based on the month. In April through October, all programs are held at Prairie Landing Golf Club. In December through March, all programs are held at the Swing by King Golf Performance Center.

60-Minute Introductory Evaluation Session

The introductory evaluation session with Brian King is a great way to become familiar with the coaching environment. Regardless of your experience, King will provide you with significant insights to your game and how to play more consistently. Introductory Evaluation Sessions are priced at $150.

Private Coaching Sessions

Private coaching sessions can cover any area of the game, including full swing, short game or playing strategies on the Prairie Landing practice holes. Every session is tailored for your specific goals. Sessions include a V1 Digital Video Analysis, Teacher/Student Notes and 30-minute sessions. Private Coaching Sessions are priced at $75.

Custom Programs

The following are currently available:

Brad Price shares his excitement about becoming more consistent with his game as a result of Brian King’s professional golf instruction.

Mike Melka is a college student who has experienced tremendous growth in his game as a result of Brian King’s professional golf instruction.