Prairie Landing Golf Club utilizes a dynamic pricing model which provides many different rates each day. The varying price structure allows you the option to choose the time and rate which works best for you. This strategy offers you the best rate and is available 24 hours per day. These rates may only be available online and not offered by phone call or in person. However, you may utilize the online booking system from your phone. Check back often for the best prices and ease of booking. See you at the course!.

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When booking a Tee Time, all golfers must adhere to the policies laid out by Prairie Landing Golf Club. Please take a moment to review these policies, as some policies that are not followed result in fee charges. All Tee Time policies are created with the convenience of all Prairie Landing golfers in mind, as well as to maintain a professional and sophisticated golfing facility.

  • Public: May book a Tee Time (7) days in advance
  • Members: May book a Tee Time (14) days in advance
  • Refunds will not be issued at this time due to the current restrictions.  A credit will be issued to be used on another date in your name.
  • Golf rates are subject to change.
  • All golfers must adhere to the USGA Golf Etiquette Standards.
  • Each group should attempt to maintain the pace of the group in front of them or play at a pace of 2:15 per nine holes. Pace of play is closely monitored by on-course staff through a GPS system base station.
  • For the sake of maintaining a professional golfing environment, all golfers are required to wear appropriate golf sportswear—a shirt and shoes required. For this reason, informal golf apparel such as gym shorts and graphic t-shirts are not allowed.
  • Beverages that are not provided by Prairie Landing Golf Club are prohibited.
  • All golfers using a golf cart must abide by the golf car rules of that day.
  • DISCLAIMER: Each person using a golf cart does so at his/her own risk. Each person renting or driving a golf cart is responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused, including—without limitation—injury to him/herself and damage to the cart and agrees to indemnify Prairie Landing Golf Club against all loss, claims or expenses resulting from use of said golf cart.

Rain checks are issued based on inclement weather conditions. A full 18-hole rain check is issued for players completing less than five holes. A 9-hole rain check is issued for players completing less than 14 holes.